Teamwork without noise.
without noise.
High-focus collaboration tool for Engineering, PM and Design teams.
Aether Pro is a thread-based, email-like (async) teamwork platform. Its threading model is similar to Reddit, which allows for structured discussion
The users' posts are threaded, so it remains easy to understand even when there are multiple discussions happening in the same thread. These discussions and even individual posts are directly linkable
When you post, it goes to the specific channel. A channel is a specific, shared team inbox for all relevant discussion about that topic
The users can choose which channels they want to sign up for based on their team, location or interests
'Popular' collects and shows all channels' posts regardless of subscription status. This is a good place to catch up with your team
Your discussions double as documentation with no additional effort. This makes it easy to search and find. It supports Markdown and code highlighting
Users have profiles where you can go in and find the things he or she has posted. This makes finding prior discussion easier
Easier to understand now. Easier to remember later.
Adds some structure to your conversations, keeps them on topic, makes them easier to understand, easier to remember, easier to act on, for everyone in your team. Your collaboration tool doubles as your zero-effort knowledge base.
The same discussion
with instant messenger

with Aether Pro
New members will have easier time getting the context.
Experienced ones won't have to re-type the same answers, just link to the prior discussion.
Make the most of your time at work.
More time in the “zone” means fewer bugs, fewer meetings, fewer revisions.
Your focus
with instant messenger

with Aether Pro
Concentration is hard to get, easy to lose. This helps you stay there.
Teamwork that respects your focus.
Aether is async like email, not chat, so you don't have to immediately respond, only when you can.
Your day
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with Aether Pro
It being async cuts down on random pings you get, resists interruptions, and puts you in control of your own schedule.