👋 Hey there! The documentation, alongside the app, is in early beta. If you see any mistakes or typos, please let us know.

🤦‍♂️ Troubleshooting

My posts don’t seem to be visible to other users

Likely what happened is you closed your app, or closed your computer immediately after you posted something.

Aether is a peer to peer network, the content only leaves your computer when someone connects to you. You can invite people to connect to you (and the app does that when you post something new), but it is still the remote that decides on whether to connect or not.

That means, in some cases, it might take some minutes before someone connects to you and gets the new content, and starts spreading it.

Aether is an app that wants to be running in the background of your computer, similar to your email client. That way, it can both communicate your content out, and receive new fresh content as fast as possible.